Products & Catalogue

Where can I find the specifications of each product (measurements, material …)?

You can find more precise information by clicking on “MEASURES” tab within the product page of each item.

We always try to give you precise and accurate information, but our site offers a wide range of products and it may happen that very detailed information has not been included. If you don’t find the information, please contact our Customer Service.

What is a model number and what is it for?

A model number code is a sequence of alphanumeric characters that uniquely identifies an item. You can find a model number on the product page under the page title. Please communicate the model number to our Customer Service to request more information on an item of interest to you or placed in an order.

Selling price and currencies

The sale prices on are listed in GBP (£) and Euros (€).

VAT is included where applicable, and additional charges and taxes may be applied by the country of destination. Holyart reserves the right to change prices at any time, but equally undertakes to always apply competitive prices consistent with the characteristics of related products. In the event of a display of a wrong and/or manifestly negligible price, for any reason (computer bug, manual error, technical error etc.), Holyart reserves the right to cancel the order, even in the event of initial confirmation.

How can I review a product purchased on Holyart?

You can review the products from your Holyart account in the “My orders” section, or direcrtly in the product sheet by clicking WRITE A REVIEW.

You can only review a product if you are logged in with your username and password.

What reviews are published?

Reviews are an important tool to share our customers’ opinions about products. For this reason, we won’t publish the reviews that violate the following guidelines

1. Suitability: It is possible to review a product within 12 months from purchase through the Holyart account.

2. Usefulness and relevance: reviews provide customers with useful information, thererefore reviews containing less than 70 characters are not accepted.

The content of all reviews needs to be sincere and coming from personal experience. Reviews have to be relevant to the products purchased, therefore reviews not concerning the products won’t be published. Also vulgar or offensive reiews will not be published.