How much does it cost to subscribe to Holyart Premium?

Visit our Premium page for more details related to costs.

What is Holyart Premium?

Holyart Premium is the annual membership for Holyart’s premium customers that allows them to get free shipping on all orders over £36

How much does it cost to subscribe to Holyart Premium?

Holyart Premium costs £36 (subject to promotions and limited offers) and is valid for 12 MONTHS starting from the day you subscribe to the service.

How can I sign-up to Holyart Premium?

Setting up your Holyart Premium is really simple: just visit the sign-up page and complete the registration by entering your credit card details. The service will be activated instantly and you will be able to take advantage of Holyart Premium perks straight away.

Which payment methods can I use to sign-up for Holyart Premium?

You can only sign-up for Holyart Premium using a Credit Card.

Is there a minimum purchase requirement in order to be entitled to free Holyart Premium shipping?

Yes, the Holyart Premium free shipping offer will only be valid for orders of £36 or more.

Is the renewal automatic?

Yes, at the end of the 12 months your Holyart Premium membership will be automatically renewed. You can however deactivate the service at any time before your subscription ends.

I signed up to the Premium service by mistake, what should I do?

If you signed up by mistake and did not enjoy the service of the Premium membership, you can request cancellation of the service and a full refund by contacting our customer service via chat, e-mail or toll-free number.

I don’t want to renew, how can I deactivate renewal?

You can deactivate the automatic renewal of your service in 3 very simple ways:
1. Login and access the “MY ACCOUNT” page
2. Visit the Holyart Premium page
3. Check the renewal date displayed on the left side of the page and click on “DO NOT RENEW”.
N.B. Premium benefits will still be active until your next renewal date.