How can I place an order?

Choose the item/s you would like to order, select size or colour (if requested) and click “ADD TO BASKET”. Click the basket on top right of the page, and then PROCEED TO CHECKOUT. If you already have an account with Holyart, please LOG IN, by entering your email address and password.  Did you forget your password? Click here and follow the instructions.

If you are a new customer, click CREATE AN ACCOUNT and register by following the instructions. Alternatively, you can register with your Amazon, Google or Facebook account clicking the designated buttons.

Now, please follow the following steps:

1. SHIPPING: add or select the delivery address and choose the shipping method

2. PAYMENT: choose the payment method and redeem discount codes or store credits, if you have them

3. CONFIRM: this is the summary of your order. Check the details and click BUY NOW to confirm the order. Once the order is confirmed, you will receive the confirmation via email.

How can I see if an item is available in stock?

Below are the different cases you can find:

1. Available: the product is in stock and can ship the first available business day after your order

2. Available upon request or on backorder: the product is not in stock and will be ordered from the supplier as soon as you place the order. Lead time to make the product and have it in stock is stated in the product sheet.

3. Sold out: The item is out of production and can’t be purchased


NB. In order to check the availability of products available in different versions (colours, sizes etc), it is necessary to select the desired version from the drop-down menu.

Can I modify or cancel an order before it is shipped?

It is not possible to modify your order. You can only cancel it and place a new order (if it is not in the shipping process). You can request the cancellation by sending an email to the customer service and stating “cancel order number xx”. If it is no longer possible to cancel the order, you are free to return it within 30 days.

How can I see the shipping costs of the product I want to buy?

Once you have added the product to your basket, you will see the shipping costs from Italy at step 1 – SHIPPING – of checkout. For more info visit our Shipping Costs page

N.B. Shipping costs include possible customs fees, VAT and handling fees for the UK

How can I save the products added to my basket?

You can save the products in your basket only if you are regstered with Holyart and if you are LOGGED IN. Once you choose an item you would like to purchase, just click “ADD TO BASKET”. The products will be staying in your basket until you decide to delete them. N.B. If you are not registered and logged in, your basket will be cleared after a few minutes.

How can I update the quantity of the products in my basket?

In order to update the quantity of the products in your basket, just select the desired number from the drop-down menu, placed on the right side of the product. Then click “UPDATE”.

N.B. Without clicking “UPDATE”, the quantity of the items in your basket will not be modified.

How can I review a product purchased on Holyart?

You can review the products from your Holyart account in the “My orders” section, or direcrtly in the product sheet by clicking WRITE A REVIEW.

You can only review a product if you are logged in with your username and password.

What reviews are published?

Reviews are an important tool to share our customers’ opinions about products. For this reason, we won’t publish the reviews that violate the following guidelines

1. Suitability: It is possible to review a product within 12 months from purchase through the Holyart account.

2. Usefulness and relevance: reviews provide customers with useful information, thererefore reviews containing less than 70 characters are not accepted.

The content of all reviews needs to be sincere and coming from personal experience. Reviews have to be relevant to the products purchased, therefore reviews not concerning the products won’t be published. Also vulgar or offensive reiews will not be published.